Silent Disco is a multi-channel installation comprising several video performances the artist created between 1993 to 1997. Shot on VHS, these performances have been re-edited to a new soundtrack - a mashup of two disco hits - that was commissioned from Sydney based DJ Matt Vaughan especially for this retrospective project.

VHS five channel video with sound

Music: Matt Vaughan; specially commissioned remix of Patrick Hernandez, Born to Be Alive (1979) and Diana Ross, Upside Down (1980)

Individual videos:
Backyard Movie, 1993/2017. Camera: Nathan Bridgewater.
Bathroom Movie, 1993/2017. Camera: Daniel Mudie Cunningham.
Bicycle, 1994/2017. Camera: Don Cameron.
Size Does Matter, 1994/2015. Camera: Tim Hilton. Sound: Coca-Cola commercial, 1971.
Catwalk, 1996/2017. Camera: Chris Cao.

Exhibited in:
Disco Infirmo, Airpsace Projects, Marrickville, Sydney, 10-24 February 2017