Shitter documents a site-specific performance that took place late at night in one of the heritage prison cells of The Lock-Up. The artist @danmudcun is seated on the toilet built into the cell, passing a bowel movement and live tweeting experiences from the past—oversharing the shit of existence one keystroke at a time. Like a reality TV show, the tweets appear on screen suggesting the performance is streaming live. The tweets catalogue painful memories, dispersed with confessions of crime experienced as perpetrator or victim – making public a reservoir of personal shame.

“In Shitter, a prison toilet becomes the site for an obscene self-revelation of the once hidden shame that is too easily overshared in a confessional culture. In a series of tweets sent from a cell, the artist’s innermost secrets crawl across the screen like a walk of shame after a drunken one-night stand. The roll call of experience alluding to teenage kleptomania, childhood sexual abuse, drug use and porn addiction reminds us of the fluidity of criminality as a concept and how the relationship between perpetrator and victim can be a complex and shifting one.”

– Carrie Miller


HD single channel video, silent, 21:14 min
Camera: Tim Buchanan
Commissioned by The Lock-Up for Exhibit A curated by Carrie Miller.

Exhibited in:
Exhibit A, The Lock-Up, 30 October - 6 December 2015
Shitter, Galerie Pompom, 9 December - 24 December 2015