Filmed at Newington Armory, Oh Industry, 2009, mashes popular culture depictions of factory, military and naval labour with the amusements and distractions of early 20th century modern life. Bette Midler’s performance of the song ‘Oh Industry’ from the film Beaches (1988) and the popular film serial The Perils of Pauline (1914) intersect with conveyor belt choreography to suggest how the machine age and its class structures were shaped during the rise of modernity and industrialisation.

“Daniel Mudie Cunningham takes the machine age and its modes of consumption and production and turns them in upon themselves the way a suicide places the revolver in the mouth. If this were a conscious strategy for resistance based on post-colonial mimesis the tactics locate it somewhere between Gandhi and RuPaul proving that if the road to hell is paved with good intentions then the road out is strewn with yellow bricks.”
- Gary Carsley

HD single channel video with sound, 4:11 min

Conceived & Performed by Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Dancers: Elizabeth Ryan, Emma Saunders, Mirabelle Wouters
Choreography: Emma Saunders
Director of Photography: Don Cameron
Editor: Vera Hong
Stills Photography: Pete Volich
Production Assistant: David Wheeler
Wardrobe: Catherine White, Jessica Olivieri
Music: ‘Oh Industry’, vocals: Bette Midler, songwriter: Wendy Waldman, from Beaches Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Atlantic Records, 1988
Closed session performance at Newington Armory, NSW, 24 April 2009

Exhibited in: 
Oh Industry, MOP Projects, 23 July–9 August 2009 
The Armory Exhibition 2009, curated by Mimi Kelly, The Armory Gallery, Newington Armory, 27 June–27 September 2009
d/Art on Screen, curated by Tara Morelos, Tweed River Art Gallery, 11 February-8 May 2011
dLounge, dLux MediaArts Pop Up, Rozelle, March 2012
dLux Deluxe Editions Launch, Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne, April 2012
DJ Culture, curated by Jose Da Silva, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art Cinemateque, May 2012
Scanlines, regional touring exhibition presented by dLux Media Arts, 2015-17. Venues include Artspace Mackay, Tamworth Regional Gallery, Western Plains Cultural Centre, Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, Riddoch Art Gallery, Logan Art Gallery, Burnie Regional Gallery, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Deakin University Art Gallery, Orange Regional Art Gallery, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery.

This project was supported by a grant from the NSW Government – Arts NSW, through a program administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts.

Watch the link below as Daniel discusses Oh Industry for a video produced by DLUX Media Arts on the occasion of Scanlines, a national exhibition touring regional galleries from 2015-17.